I draw and paint things as I see them. From these observations, I look for the feeling of light and space, heaviness and lightness in my work, I try to reduce it to the essentials.
My paintings are often monochromatic or I use a limited color palette. By using only a few colors, each of them plays a meaningful role.

An important place for my work has been Kökar in Åland, its changing color and light phenomena have taught me to see the world with new eyes. The nature of the island made an impression right from the first visit 2004. And the fact that the whole world, 360 degrees is around it, in the middle of the sea, the land under your feet within a radius of twenty kilometers. The island must be understood. Everything you take with you to the island must be brought off.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree 2013 from the Turku Art Academy. I am a member of the Painters' Union and take part in the Artist Register. I live and work in Pori.

Anne Kimiläinen lives and works in Pori, Finland.