Free Hands


Guy Hellström
Marjatta Kantola
Anne Kimiläinen
Jussi Seppälä
Terhi Tammila
Lotta Wigelius-Wulff

28.11. - 11.12.2022 Akvart Gallery, Helsinki

In the beginning there was Kökar - island in the middle of the sea. The common denominator of this group. Kökar's rocks have existed for over a billion years, but the uncontrollability of watercolor lives in this moment. The summer painting course led by Satu Kiljunen has taken us forward in the visual art hobby year after year. We've been doing watercolors for a long while, or just for a while. Each of us enjoys painting in our own way, now we have free hands to interpret and create. The sea, the rock, the sky are always present, but the autumn exhibition also offers new landscapes and a departure from the Kökar theme. Free hands, mental landscapes are transferred to paper. With the power of water and color.