XXVII ECWS 2024 Tampere Finland  10.–13.8.2024


ECWSis the European Confederation of Watercolor Societies. The symposium's four-day program includes demos, workshops, plein-air painting with pop-up exhibitions, and a free-form excursion day with European watercolorist colleagues. My watercolor VÄYLÄ is one of the twenty-five juried works for the international ECWS exhibition in TAMPERE from 10 to 25 August 2024. 126 artists with 214 works applied for the exhibition. The works were curated by painter Senja Vellonen and ECWS committee chairman Pertti Lassila. The exhibition will be held at the Culture Center Laiku. More information and information about the symposium on the websites of the Finnish Watercolor Painting Association and ECWS Tampere.

Culture Center LAIKKU 1st floor
Opening ceremony on Saturday August 10, at 6 pm

Exhibition open on August 10–25, 2024

Tuesday–Wednesday 9 am – 8 pm
Saturday–Sunday 10 am – 6 pm

WATERWAY, 56x38cm, 2024
WATERWAY, 56x38cm, 2024